10 Household Problems You Can Solve With Vinegar

Vinegar. It is the ultimate addition to fish and chips.

But it has other uses, besides adding to the majesty of the Great British Fish Supper!

In these environmentally conscious times it is being used as a retro, throwback cleaner. This most basic of kitchen condiments can be used to clean just about every inch of your home.

Chores are annoying enough without thinking of all the chemicals that are contained in your basic supermarket cleaning products. Here is a list of ten handy ways you can use vinegar to keep your household looking gleaming and glistening;

1. If your iron is barely steaming and leaving a chalky residue on your clothes, use vinegar to clean out the outlets of your iron. Fill the iron up a quarter full with vinegar. Use a baking tray and press down and steam with the iron onto the baking tray until its empty. This will ensure the clogged up outlets are freed and you get back to freshly, ironed crisp shirts!

2. If you have leather shoes or boots that have seen better days and are dirty with muck use vinegar to revitalise them. One cup of water and a third of a cup of vinegar and mix together. Use a micro fibre cloth to apply the liquid to your shoes. The liquid will help removed the grime and build and will soon have your shoes looking spick and span again.

3. Windows and glass tables can be made glistening again without the need for expensive chemical cleaners. A 50/50 mix of water and vinegar in an old used cleaning bottle can be used as a cheap alternative. Add some lemon juice if you want to add a nice fragrance to the room.

4. It also is the enemy of garden weeds. If you see weeds and growth sprouting up from cracks in your pavement, pour a water and vinegar mix over them and within 24 hours the weeds will be dying off. You will still need to get down on your hands and knees to remove them, but you won’t need to be annoyed by them every time you go out to the garden.

5. Be honest. How dirty is your PC or laptop keyboard? Filthy? Well vinegar is the ideal tool to remove all that gunk and fluff that is built up between the keys. Simply switch off the machine and use a cloth dipped in vinegar, applying a decent amount of pressure when scrubbing. Use a q -tip to remove any build up in the really hard to get to points.

6. If your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes properly and they are coming out with some hard water stains, put a wash on using vinegar to give the machine a good scrub. Fill the soap dispenser with vinegar, remove the washing trays and set to pots and pans mode.

7. Soak your tooth brush in a cup of vinegar for a half hour to leave the bristles looking pristine again. Remember and clean off any residue vinegar under the tap, and brush it with some toothpaste before you use it!

8. Ever looked up and discover little bits of mould on your bathroom ceiling? Use vinegar to get rid of. Pour one-part vinegar and two parts borax in a cup, add warm water and mix well until the borax is mixed in. Dip a paper towel into the mixture and the wet towel should easily remove the mould from the ceiling.

9. Is your faucet blocked? Water coming out from all angles when you turn on the tap? Soak a cotton ball in a cup mixed with hot water and vinegar. Place the cotton ball over the faucet and attach with an elastic band. Leave for 15 mins. When you return the wet material should have helped break up any build up that has attached to the faucet. Use the ball to remove any build up, and run the tap to see if the faucet is now unclogged.

10. It can be used to get rid of stenches or weird odours coming from furniture. Pour a quarter of a couple of vinegar into a spray bottle, add two table spoons of fabric softener and top up with water and shake well. Gently spray over the furniture. Use a dry cloth to rub into the material.