This Video Is Making Adults Reconsider How They Talk To Children

“The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The above quote is specifically true for language and is the key to unlocking every child’s potential.

It is said the children are sponges, soaking up as much information as we can give them. But what happens if the information provided to them is in the form of gruff one word answers, stern rebuttals and loud, harsh words?

Tone of voice is as important as the words you use when speaking with another person. When you are having a heated discussion or argument with someone, and they begin to raise their voice, how often do you match their tone? Often it’s a subconscious thing, but if someone seems to be aggressive with you, you will respond in kind.

Adults need to be very aware of tone when talking to children. Tone of voice is so important when talking to them. Everyone responds to request when they hear a pleasant voice rather than someone barking orders at them. This is especially true as it relates to small children.

Young children do not need to be shouted at, in order for your point of view to be made. Shouting at them will only intimidate them and make you seem unwelcoming. If you are unhappy with how they are behaving you can speak to them in a clear, calm concise manner with plenty of eye contact so they fully understand your annoyance. It is not necessary to raise you voice.

How you speak to children can have such a dramatic influence on their development. Your words and actions can either instill confidence and curiosity, or anger and timidness.

You are the grown up. Remember and act like it!