Travel The World With Next To No Money

Have you ever dreamt about going to travel the word?

How often do you wish you could pack up and travel to that exotic, far off location you have always wanted to visit?

What’s stopping you? Money? Lack of savings? Fear?

Well check this video out. Tomisla Perko will educate you on how to travel the world for years with next to no money. How will he show you that? Well he knows because that is exactly what he did.

When the financial crisis hit, he found himself broke and without a job. He decided he had had enough of the 9-5 and the daily grind.

He decided to hit the road. Using alternative methods of travelling, hitchhiking, couch surfing. He worked and volunteered at various locales to be able to travel around the globe and made friends and had once in a lifetime experiences along the way.

Five years later he is giving TED talks on his adventures, has published a book about his travels called ‘1000 Days of Spring’ and is inspiring others to follow his example.

Check out his video below.