Hacker Group Creates $30 DIY Epipen To Expose Corporate Greed And Save Lives

EpiPen is the marvelous innovation for the person who is facing severe kind of allergic infection. This allergic infection may be from eating peanuts or stings of insects. This drug is very effective and beneficial for the patients who are fighting for life and death. This drug is about 100 years old, but the method of taking this drug through the device makes people life easy and comfortable. We are talking about the EpiPen that is very helpful face this problem.

Price of DIY EpiPen in the market:

Now the question is why some people unable to use this device and get back on their life track. The answer is very simple and straight forward. Because of the increase in the price of EpiPen by the sole manufacturer of Mylan company people feel it’s not possible for them to use this device. Now the price of this device is $57 to $318 that will be beyond the budget of the average man.

Reasons Behind this higher Price:

Experts suggest that there are many reasons behind this higher price of EpiPen. For instance, as there is no competitor of Mylan Company in the market that is producing this device too, so these people have the right to increase the price. They want to enjoy their monopoly power and don’t want to give their affordable consumer prices.

Why other Manufacturers do not produce this Device:

Other manufacture companies are not interested in producing this device because if several reasons. The reasons behind not producing enough these devices may include the patent rights of Mylan Company, not sure about the reliability and validity of this device and the process that is difficult and not easy to launch products in the market.

Effects of public Pressure on Mylan Company:

After the enough pressure of public Mylan takes some initiative and decrease some of the prices. Now they are selling EpiPen that costs $150 for each single device. But here the new twist arises and industrial experts suggest it cost only the $30 to make this pen device.

Let’s explore this mystery more and find how this cost only $30.

Cost to make DIY EpiPen:

The team of “Four Thieves Vinegar” has published a video that can check online where they guide normal people how to make this device in their home that’s cost only $30. And they called this home- made device EpiPencil. It can pair the existing auto-injector that is use by the patients of diabetes with the combination of hypodermic needles. There is a little bit problem drug that is use to put Epi in the EpiPencil. But this problem can be sort out by directly using the prescription or through the online supplier.

Here is Michael Laufer showing  us how to assemble the auto-injector.

So these are all about the EpiPen to EpiPencil but it is highly suggested not to try makes this device in your home. It’s better to purchase this device from the market for the effective results to cure of the problem of allergic reactions quickly.