Wind-Powered Device Can Produce 11 Gallons Per Day Of Clean Drinking Water From The Air

With no external power source, this wind-powered water condenser is able to provide 11 gallons of drinking water every day.

A new device that relies on simple condensation to collect clean water from the atmosphere promises to provide safe drinking water without an external power source, greenhouse gas emissions, or adverse environmental impacts.

The WaterSeer is relatively simple device, designed to be operated without the need for costly chemicals or maintenance. It can ‘pull’ moisture from thin air and condense it into water using the temperature difference between the above-ground turbine and the collection chamber installed six feet underground. The potable water can then be delivered to the surface for use via a simple pump and hose.


The low-cost device was developed by VICI-Labs, in partnership with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, as a possible solution for the 2.3 million people on the planet who lack regular access to safe drinking water.

Collection of several devices can provide enough water to support a small village. The not-for-profit company will match US purchases of each unit by donating a WaterSeer collection device to those in need living in developing countries or in arid climates.