8 Myths About Wine That Need To Be Busted

There are certain things that we all believe without considering whether they are logically founded or not. We are gullible beings waiting to assume anything and everything without being properly informed of the subject.

When it comes to wine, there are innumerable things that we persist in following, not judging for a moment whether our decisions are correct or not.

Here are eight myths regarding wine that need to be busted:

  1. A screw top doesn’t always imply that it is fake.

Many manufacturers prefer screw tops to cork ones as it reduces the cost of production and also screw-tops inhibit bacteria from settling, unlike the cork ones.

2. Wine can be produced from multiple varieties of grapes.

The predominant opinion is that wine made from a single variety of grape is always better. But sometimes, different varieties of grapes can be used together to customize on the taste and flavor.

3. Most types of wine lose quality with age.

Aging is not something that is advisable to do when it comes to wine. Although the myth is widespread, there is in fact little evidence to support it.

4. Bright labels do not always mean bad wines.

With lots of brands in the market, it is quite natural that some of them might resort to more flashy labeling and packaging in order to attract more customers. Rest assured, a colorful label does not necessarily mean that the wine is bad.

5. Sediment does not mean that the wine is colored

If your wine has sediment, don’t worry, it’s just that it hadn’t been filtered during production.

6. A single variety of wine can go with a number of foods.

It is always good to experiment with different kinds of food paired with different kinds of wine.

7. Semi-sweet wines are of inferior quality

Don’t buy into the lies of brands which tell you that semi-sweet wines are equivalent to dry and semi-dry ones. Sugar and sweeteners are usually added to conceal manufacturing flaws.

8. All good wines are not expensive

Money does not always accompany quality. There are brands which sell very good wines at affordable rates.

via BrightSide