13 Most Popular Style-Choices That Make You Look Older

With fashion trends always changing, it’s important to keep yourself updated with the trend of the time. It’s imperative that you don’t get stuck in the past in your fashion game and make choices that make you look older than your age. Always look the best with these 13 to-do-nots and to-dos.

  1. It’s time you bade farewell to retro style

Ladies, time to ditch that pair of bell bottom jeans, even if they have been your favorite. They are stuck way in the past and are almost antique – so don’t commit the mistake of wearing them and adding some more years. Instead, go for the flares that you can flaunt. They come for all body shapes and are undoubtedly the perfect for the look game on point.

  1. Grow out of teen outfit

Always remember how style rules alter with age. Don’t wear a glitter jeans with a cartoon tee and make yourself look older. If you are opting for a younger look, why not go for a classic blue jeans and a white tee-shirt?

  1. Outfit proportions are something that you should pay heed to

It’s crucial to consider the proportions of your outfits. Pair up a pair of skinny jeans with an oversized tee-shirt or a long flare top. Or go for a slim fitting top with wide-legged pants. Such combinations create the perfect geometrical contrast.

  1. Don’t mix and match

Don’t use accessories and shoes of the same color as your dress. Create a contrast and make sure they go together. If you’re looking to slay, choose one bright spot with all neutral combinations.

  1. Wear belts than baggy

Baggy clothes are a no-no for the extra pounds and years they add to your look. Use a belt to accentuate your curves and be breezy.

  1. Opt for modern frames

Glasses have the potential of having your fashion game on point. But the wrong size of frames might just dash your look, so consider when you choose.

  1. Keep your hair short

Go for shoulder bobs or short layers to accentuate your face, to brighten your complexion and to make you look younger. Longer hair is stressful for your face and soul.

  1. Manicure is must

Your hands give away your age. Don’t go for colors like pink or peach that make you look older. Opt for colors that make your hands look younger like creamy white, shiny white or dovy beige. Also, oval nail shape is the perfect shape!

  1. Brush your blush correct

While you age, apply blush horizontally from apples of your cheeks along cheekbones to temples to give a lifting effect.

  1. Bronzer, with care!

Apply bronzer with a movement that is 3-shaped – starting from the middle of your forehead to the sideways to center of the cheek and to your chin and neck, eventually. Look tanned and bright!

  1. Make-up with make-up

Enhance your natural skin tone with certain make-up to remove all age defining traits.

  1. Use a lighter shade of lipstick

Dark shades make you look older, shift to juice berry shades to appear as young as you’re at heart!

  1. Never forget to smile

Smiling is that one accessory you always need to look your best.

Via BrightSide