The Breakthrough In Cancer Treatment That Has The Potential To Change Everything

Chemotherapy has been an extensively accepted way of eradicating cancer cells, worldwide. While it does have the maximum chances of success, it also comes with toxic side-effects and a return of the disease isn’t impossible. Scientists have come up with an alternative way as effective as chemotherapy to treat cancer patients without the adverse effects of the latter and which makes the return of disease almost an impossibility.

The Caspase Independent Cell Death (CICD), as it is called, destroys affected tumors in their entirety that eliminates almost all chances of the revival of disease. Annihilating all cancer cells was previously unattainable but thanks to scientists of University of Glasgow. As Dr. Stephen Tait stated CICD activates proteins called Caspases which “often led to complete tumor regression” than apoptosis practiced via radiation, chemotherapy or immunotherapy. “In essence, this mechanism has the potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness of anti-cancer therapy and reduce unwanted toxicity.” Tait further added in a conversation with Sky News.

Cancer, in its different forms, constitutes to be the second most prolific reason of deaths caused on the planet. World Health Organization believes one in six individuals die due to cancer worldwide and the number of cases are bound to increase over the next two decades by 70 percent. In 2015, 8.8 million lives were lost due to cancer and in 2012, 14 million new cases of cancer were reported by World Health Organization. The U.S government had predicted 595,690 people shall die out of 1,685, 210 people diagnosed with cancer in 2016. While chemotherapy and other forms of treatment have adverse side-effects like exhaustion, nausea, and weakness, they frequently fail in destroying cancer cells which bring in their revival. Apoptosis at times makes the tumor harder to treat while CICD not only cures cancer but also activates the immune system, in the best possible way.

A study revealed how chemotherapy leads to increased rates of aggression in breast cancer patients that only expands the chances of metastasis. The findings of the report claim, “The blood vessels of patients receiving chemotherapy drugs have more ‘entry points’ through which cancer cells can get into the blood flow and disperse throughout the body, scientists report today in Science Translational Medicine. In mice with breast cancer, chemotherapy shrinks the primary tumor but boosts the number of cancer cells in the lungs and circulating the body.”

For a disease like cancer that impacts patients on a global basis, CICD appears to be the most optimist option for the future. Scientists haven’t yet applied the model successfully on a patient but believe that, “In contrast, when the CICD technique kills cancer cells, those cells release inflammatory proteins which alert the immune system to ramp up the body’s own natural defenses, which then attack any remaining tumor cells missed during the initial treatment.”

Cannabis has a monumental role in treating cancer, the post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, childhood epilepsy while decreasing chances of nausea and pain simultaneously increasing the chances of doing away with malignant cancer cells.