Eight Times More Destructive Than Hiroshima: North Korea’s Latest Missile Test

Ever since the stalemate at the end of the Korean War, tensions have been directly or indirectly high between the USA and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. But the peak of this has been a new event, however: since the rise of the dictator Kim Jong-Un.
He has indulged in demonstrations of military power and acts of aggression against the USA and South Korea continually since his rise.

In a latest demonstration, Dictator Kim has tested yet another nuclear weapon within the borders of North Korea.

The test, discovered after a tremor was recorded in the Korean peninsula was of a 120 kiloton H-bomb, purportedly eight times more powerful than the ones used on Japan during World War II.

On 6th August 1945, the bomb codenamed the Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima. It weighed about 15 kilotons. The death toll was 150,000 according to official figures. Three days later, the Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki. “He” weighed 20 kilotons and the death toll was around 75,000. These statistics are but a grim omen that indicates the results if North Korea does indeed engage in nuclear warfare.

Though these figures and statistics are unconnected and often contradicting, the reports come a few days after North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan. The results can be devastating if the communist dictator fires one at Japan, which happens to be a strategic ally of the USA.

This is the time when national boundaries should stop mattering.
Nuclear holocaust is just one click of a button away, the effects of which plagued the great Einstein and Pauling alike. The loss in terms of human life, property, culture would not just be incalculable but unimaginable. Also, it would probably harken the end of life as we know it if nuclear waste from something that huge should reach the atmosphere and pollute it.
It is high time activists, leaders and in general, people step up and take responsibility to prevent this from happening.