10 Harsh Secrets Behind The World’s Favorite Drug: Coffee

My relationship with coffee is a bittersweet one. The thought of an aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee as the first thing in the morning tantalises my taste buds and rejuvenates my senses. But, at the same time when I listen to all the critically divided opinions regarding coffee consumption, I fear that excessive coffee may turn out to be harmful for me. Yet, I cannot restrain myself from getting another cup. Often, I take breaks from it but sooner or later, without my conscious knowledge, my coffee-addiction again starts to devour me.

However, I’m still a bit sceptical about all the coffee related facts that we get to know from the internet. I’m sure that it stirs up the interest of all the coffee lovers, isn’t it? So friends, let’s look up the banes and boons of coffee together.


This news initially brought a gust of depression along with it to me. I can assure that it will be equally disappointing for you too. I have seen many sites promoting the romanticism involved with coffee (for example, an image of a copy of Wuthering Heights and a cup of hot coffee beside it renders to us the sense of a perfect slice of life) along with the beneficial effects of coffee and caffeine on human minds.

Sorry to disappoint you, readers! But if you actually believe all the words written on these sites, you are living a lie. Want to know the truth? Here are 10 depressing yet true facts regarding coffee that every coffee addict should be aware of.

  1. Drinking coffee releases cortisol hormone in the body which is more commonly known as the ‘stress hormone’. Cortisol is related to adrenaline fatigue and it causes extreme exhaustion in you throughout the day.
  2. If you study the brain images of excessive coffee users you would see that the brain deterioration is the same amount as that of chronic alcoholics, cigarette smokers, Parkinson’s sufferers, and heavy marijuana users.
  3. The morning bathroom process is one of the most effective and natural ways to detoxify your body. Coffee accelerates this process which can eventually give rise to several health issues.
  4. It is scientifically proven that caffeine is an alkaloid and coffee plant uses it to kill the bugs that are in its seed. It also kills the plants surrounding it to have more access to the sunlight. Coffee is a pesticide and can cause genetic termination to the living cells that come across it.
  5. It is true that coffee energises, refreshes and rejuvenates but on what cost? Coffee, basically, energises by activating the fight or flight metabolic response which in turn gives rise to many health issues.
  6. Roasted coffee beans contain a well-known carcinogen called acrylamide.
  7. Excessive coffee consumption causes insomnia. You can drink coffee during the day but still, you may need to put a check on the quantity. And if you are having trouble sleeping, try to control your coffee-addiction if not quit it.
  8. Coffee blocks the absorption of iron which is why the predominant part of the Western mass is anaemic.
  9. If you are currently taking birth control pills regularly then you must know that it prevents your body to destroy caffeine which eventually makes you a bit more vulnerable to caffeine poisoning. It is a high time you may start thinking about your coffee consumption.
  10. Drinking coffee more than the prescribed amount (more than 5 cups a day) can lead to weight gain. It is not exactly clear whether coffee creates cellulite but definitely contributes in the cellulite creating process. Coffee is a diuretic which forces water out of the body and causes dehydration, which leads to cellulite formation.

Coffee has no benefits at all. This is a scientifically proven fact by a study conducted by researcher and clinical nutritionist Stephen Cherniske. His research proved that coffee actually does not benefit the body in any way and the positive promotion of coffee is a harmful lie for society. His book is called ‘Caffeine Blues: Wake Up To The Hidden Dangers of America’s #1 Drug’.

So, in conclusion, I would suggest you all to cut down on your coffee habit and eventually eliminate it from your life. Tea is a comparatively healthier alternative although it is not completely safe it has a much less caffeine count as that of coffee and gives you almost the same soothing feeling. Hence, to get rid of the withdrawal effects of coffee, you may start with tea. Stay healthy! Stay happy! What else does one need?