3D-Printed Self Driving Bus Arrives Just In Time For Consumers

An Arizona based company has developed a self-driving bus, that can talk to its passengers, and is being created through the use of a 3D printer.

The company, Local Motors has teamed up with IBM and used their supercomputer, named Watson, to develop this new vehicle which is set to revolutionize public transport.

The bus has been given the name Ollie.

The two companies have come together to use Watson to create this new bus through high tech 3D printers. An order for one of the buses can be taken and the vehicle can be designed and printed up within a mere 11 hours, so the company can make the vehicles very quickly and can adapt them to their customer needs.

The buses will be capable of carrying up to a dozen people at a time and customers will be able to order the bus to collect them using an app on their smartphone. Watson’s voice recognition abilities, which were designed to help it compete and win the TV game show Jeopardy, will allow Ollie to understand and respond to passenger’s questions as they climb inside.

Trials of this new machine are expected in National Harbor, Maryland, in the coming few months, with additional trials expected in Las Vegas and Miami.

IBM say the Ollie has been developed with consumers in mind, in order to create “a more pleasant, comfortable, intuitive and interactive experience for riders as they journey in autonomous vehicles.”

IBM and Total motors advise the Ollie has the capacity through its advanced voice recognition technology to answer customer questions from restaurant advice to traffic information.

There is still no word back from either company if Ollie will require you provide exact change for your journey!

Check out the video below.

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