New Phone App Lets You Communicate In Foreign Languages You Can’t Speak

Have you ever wanted to understand foreign languages at the drop of the hat, just like the Universal Translator in Star Trek?

Do you want to know what people all over the world are saying in their mother tongue, without having to put in the hard work of learning the language?

Well, hopefully help may finally be at hand now, thanks to an ingenious new device called the ‘Pilot’

The ‘Pilot’ comprises of two earpieces worn by individuals speaking different languages.

They then use a smartphone app which will help translate the others speech in order that they may ‘converse’ with the other in many languages.

Traveling to foreign countries is something so many people enjoy, but not speaking the language can cause complications. Food can be ordered incorrectly because you weren’t aware of certain ingredients, people can get lost when travelling about due to their inability to read signs and people in general can struggle to communicate if travelling to a country that they do not speak the language of.

Developed by Waverly Labs founder Andrew Ochoa who was inspired to come up with the idea after meeting a beautiful French girl in Paris and being unable to communicate with her due to their individual lack of French and English.

This device, which launches in September eliminates that problem. Currently the languages set to be offered are French, Spanish, Italian and English though many more are planned to be launched at a later date.

Currently the first generation device only works when both individuals are wearing an earpiece although it is anticipated that future versions will be able to pick up conversations happening nearby, so both people will not be required to wear the earpieces.

It is designed to work offline so it won’t incur data charges when used overseas.