YouTube Stars Take Nike’s Money, Make A Viral Video, And #makeitcount

The video below is a fascinating look at the video two YouTube stars, Casey Neistat and Max Joseph created as part of a viral ad campaign for Nike.

The US sportswear giant wanted a video to match their new ‘Make it Count’ campaign.

Max and Casey decided to take the money provided to them, and travel the globe documenting their adventure.<.p>

The inspiring video, which shows them enjoying their travels to the fullest, with inspirational quotes from famous historical figures spliced throughout, was a hit for all who watched it.

It showed two young men loving their life, living in the moment and quite literally taking the opportunity Nike provided them and “Making It Count”.

Feel inspired by their video? Fancy living in the moment like they do? Ever wanted to travel to the places shown in the video?..well in the immortal words of another famous Nike campaign; ‘Just Do It!’

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