Elderly Japanese Women Live In The World’s Most Enchanting Retirement Home

This little complex is nicknamed ‘Japan’s Riviera.’ It is a tiny community of cottages.

These tent like cottages consist of Jikka, an enchanting retirement home designed by Toyko-based architect Issei Suma.

The teepee-like design mimics the surrounding mountainous landscape while offering modern comforts inside—perfect for those who’ve spent their lives laboring, and are looking for more relaxation.

Jikka was initially created for two retirement-ready women in their 60s—one was a social worker and the other was a cook. Constructed of concrete and timber, the 100-square-meter site is equipped with a kitchen, guest room, dining area, shared bedroom,  and bathroom.

There’s even a wheelchair-accessible, spiral-shaped pool for residents to relax in. In addition to accommodation, the complex also prepares and delivers meals to the senior population of the surrounding community.

The structure is actually completely square with each separate component overlapping the next. The outside of the building is cool looking on its own, but once you step inside it’s difficult to catch your breath.