Vegetarian Blood More Effective At Killing Cancer Cells

Over the years, we have learned just how important it can be to eat healthily not only for our bodies but for the planet too. As a result, there are now more vegetarians than ever before but it turns out that there could be a hidden bonus to sticking to a lifestyle choice like this. Thanks to a recent study, we have now found that blood taken from vegans is eight times more effective at attacking dangerous cancer cells than blood from a standard diet.

Despite advances in technology, cancer is still a huge problem worldwide and now affects more people than ever before. In fact, the amount of cases dealing with cancer is set to double by 2050. However, this recent study has injected a little hope into the industry and it suggests that we are getting closer in our ever-growing journey to dealing with the health issue that ruins lives each and every year.

The Study – In the study itself, blood was taken from a number of participants to then be thrown against the cancer cells in a small petri dish. Of course, the goal was to find out how different diets and different age groups’ blood battled the cancer cells. For the vegans in the study, they were given a strict lifestyle program which was supplemented with soy, vitamin E, fish oil, vitamin C, selenium, as well as moderate exercise, attending a one hour support group, and even techniques to manage stress such as meditation and stretching. On the whole, the diet consisted largely of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and soy products.


When it comes to preventing the growth of cancer cells, this diet had eight times the stopping power than the blood from someone who was consuming an average American diet. As a result of this study, many have followed since and one even showed that just two weeks of eating a plant-based diet and getting light exercise strengthens cancer defences. In this study, sufferers of breast cancer followed this lifestyle and their blood at the end showed that the growth of cancer had slowed and the blood had an increased ability to kill cancer cells.

When reading this, many people question whether it is the exercise or the plant-based diet having the influence because the two have been introduced into a lifestyle together. However, the scientists saw this question too and decided to carry out an experiment based solely on exercise and then solely on plant-based diets. Although exercise had an impact when trying to suppress the cancer cells, the plant-based diet was twice as effective.

So there we have it, we are now learning more about how our lifestyle choices affect cancer as well as what we can do to slow down the growth of the health issue. As we learn more and more about cancer itself, we move forward as a unit and this is great news for the whole world.