This miracle herb will help you quit smoking!

Despite the dangers of smoking being widely publicized in recent years, there are still people who refuse or simply cannot give up the dangerous habit.

As we all know, the nicotine held within cigarettes creates a chemical that becomes addictive which is what makes it so hard to give up After a short amount of time, the body grows accustomed to the nicotine and then finds it hard to function properly without it. In turn, we smoke more to kill the cravings and make the problem worse; eventually, it just spirals out of control because we need more and more nicotine to function.

If you have ever tried to stop smoking, you will know all about the cravings that come and this is known as ‘withdrawal’.

Soon enough, anxiety and restlessness play a part which can make quitting the habit quite dangerous. However, we could have the solution that helps you once and for all – stevia.

According to a recent report, the herb stevia blocks the craving signals which makes the whole process of quitting that little bit easier.

As a member of the chrysanthemum family, you may recognize the name because it has been used as a replacement for sugar for a long time. Instead of using it as a sweetener, you can simply place a couple of drops onto your tongue and feel the cravings disappear. Found in both liquid and powder form, you will normally find it readily available in health stores and some supermarkets.

Whilst also shielding against the cravings, you will benefit from a herb that fights obesity, hypertension, and even diabetes. If you look at your skin care products, you could also find stevia in these too as it can help to nourish and tighten resulting in younger-looking skin.

Growing Stevia

Just like other plants and herbs, you can grow stevia but they do need to be kept in warm temperatures. After slowing down in winter, it will come back stronger than ever in spring but you can help it to survive winter with some protection. As long as you use a big enough pot and good soil, it will thrive in a well-lit area assuming it gets regular water.

Caring for Stevia

Depending on the growing season and how long it has to shine, stevia will normally grow to around three meters. Before you plant, danger of frost should have passed and you can stimulate growth by giving it plant food as this will prevent it from drying out.


Normally, you will want to water whenever the soil feels dry to touch. However, you will need to use a pot with proper drainage as stevia will struggle in soggy soil. If the plant starts to wilt, this is due to a rotting of the roots from overwatering and it can be hard to recover.


Whenever the plant blooms, you will need to remove the flowers so that more leaves can grow. In the autumn, you should notice white flowers and less leaves that can be harvested. If you’re looking for the sweetest stevia, this can be found right at the end of fall. After cutting the stems, you should look to strip all leaves and allow them to dry.

Although some may take longer, a day is normally enough to have them dried so be sure to check them regularly and, if dried outside, bring them back inside before they are dampened with dew. Then, you could dehydrate them to then crush whenever you require. As long as they are sealed in an airtight container, they will last for some time!