New Tiny Home Can Travel Anywhere It’s Owners Go

If you have been following the housing market in recent years, you will know that one of the biggest trends of all has been the growth of ‘tiny homes’. Normally allowing people to purchase a tiny property with a mobile lifestyle, tiny homes are normally found in renovated buses and the like but now an Estonian design company has completely changed the game.


Kodasema, the company in question, has produced ‘KODA’ which is a tiny home that allow its owners to travel around wherever they wish. As well as boasting off-the-grid capabilities, the KODA can be stripped and ready to travel within just four hours meaning that owners can pack up in this time, move, and then setup in a new location.


In terms of constructions, the home is made mainly of concrete and utilises factory-made components for both energy-efficiency and strength. Thanks to ‘intelligent’ materials, the tiny home will stay in place and will remain sturdy. What’s more, the home doesn’t even need a foundation which means that it can be erected absolutely anywhere.


Although it has just 25 square meters in size, the home has been designed with efficiency in mind and every square inch serves a purpose. Slightly set back for a built-in terrace, there is a full-height glazing which shields the interior in case of solar gain. With the bathroom, kitchen and loft in the back, privacy is afforded and the home is lit up at night thanks to solar panels on the roof. As mentioned previously, it also has off-the-grid capabilities and has been fitted with electricity, water, and sewage opportunities so nothing additional will be needed.


With some tiny homes, the temperature can cause a bit of a problem but the KODA has quadruple glazing and even vacuum-insulated concrete walls which will save energy and keep the home warmer for longer. In addition to this, all of the materials used in the manufacturing phase are non-toxic so it won’t present a danger to health.

According to Kodasema, they wanted to produce a product that could become anything from a summer house to an office, a city centre to a studio, even a classroom or a cafe. After heavy investment and testing, every inch of space is utilised and there is no waste in resources whatsoever; even the final design can be adjusted as the walls can be moved to meet their purpose.


With a standard size of 25 square meters, more than one can be combined together to create a larger living area. If you’re still interested at this point, you need to know what the price will be when they go on sale later this year. As a basic unit with no add-ons, the tiny home will cost €85,000 (without VAT). Then, you would have the option of adding technical systems and furniture.

The ‘property’ certainly is unique and it will be interesting to see just how popular they become after release; to start, they will be selling units at home with no news yet regarding international sale attempts.