Bachelor Party Adopts 7 Stray Puppies

An uninvited guest at a bachelor party turned the bash into an adoption event.

In celebration of Mitchel Craddock’s wedding on October 8th, he and his buddies took a vacation to Tennessee for 5 days of 4-wheeling and cabin partying.

One of the days when they were cooking up some breakfast, however, they were visited by a skittish – but well-behaved – dog.

The friends assumed that she must belong to a nearby family, but when she refused to leave the property, they took a shine to the pooch and named her Annie after Little Orphan Annie.

When they first met Annie, they noticed that she had been producing milk, though it was dried up. After a few days of sharing their food and water with the dog, she started lactating once more. She was also spotting retreating to a specific spot in the woods every day.


The groomsmen eventually ventured over to her secret spot and found a den in which there were seven puppies curled up in a pile.

“We’re guessing they were maybe around 5 or 6 weeks old,” Craddock told Michigan Live. “We were proud of her. She gave everything she had to those puppies.”

“Once we got the puppies out of the hole, we knew we couldn’t just leave them, so we started figuring out where they would go.”

In a show of camaraderie, each bachelor party participant picked a pup to take home with them. Mitchel even got his grandparents to adopt Annie along with one of her babies as well.

Since the friends all live near Vicksburg, Michigan, the puppies Brimmie, Rosie, Daisy, Knox, Gunner, Bear, and Finn will all still be able to have regular play dates.