Nurse Creates Amazing Art With Syringes!

People are amazing! How inspiring it is when someone thinks of something new and creates amazing masterpieces! Such is the story of nurse Kimberly Jolly Manno Magbanua
who uses syringes in her leisure to paint mind-blowing paintings.

Who could have ever thought that one can be creative with such an artless object as a syringe? Nothing is impossible it seems! According to her account, one day she was telling a patient, “Inject some art to your life to make it more colorful.” and an idea struck her.

“Why don’t I try to fill the syringes up with paints… and do my art?” she asked herself and then embarked upon a journey whose result could only have been a number of extraordinary masterpieces.

Following are a few instances of her achievement:

“Pajaros del Amor”


“Red Riding Hood”





Playing with syringes and needles before night shift starts

via BoredPanda