How to use ‘The Socratic Mind’ to win any argument

It’s almost every single day that we disagree with someone we love. And we’ve all been through heated arguments and said really mean things we didn’t mean.

Most of the times, it’s very hard to control our tempers and have a calm conversation. Instead, we shout, blame and try to force them to understand our perspective. But that’s not how things should be, right?

You might be wondering how to make a person see the logical side of an argument without an unnecessary fight, then. The Socratic Method is an extremely useful tool that, if used correctly, can be utilized to avoid unnecessary fights, mud-slinging, and blame games. Get someone round to the way of your thinking without fights.

Socrates went around Athens, two thousand years ago, questioning students to find the truth. He discovered the secret philosophers had been hiding by using questions to expose a certain contradiction.

This method mainly revolves around the concept of using questions to develop a latent idea between two individuals, in the pursuit of a position. Once you use this method, it’ll be extremely helpful for you to view their perspective and understand their stance. And once you understand the opposite member’s stance, you shall not indulge in fights.

It has evolved as a tool that is used in group discussions while probing for interrogations without causing disagreements. It helps individuals to reach at the focal point of the discussion without venturing into dangerous waters.

When you express your point of view in the form of a question that can be answered, it becomes less threatening and it is no longer forcing your opinion down someone’s throat. It also gives them the opportunity of understanding what you have been trying to say.

Like, instead of saying, “It’s cruel to hunt animals for recreation.” One could ask “Isn’t it cruel of us to hunt animals solely for our recreation?” The fallacy is most obvious to be revealed in the second stance.

In today’s society where getting your point across matters more than listening to the others or listening isn’t an act of understanding but of continuing argument, this is an extremely valuable method aimed at eradicating unnecessary heated arguments that can be avoided.

It’s very important that we don’t hurt our dear ones at the heat of the moment and later come to regret our actions. As we cannot take back words we’ve already spoken – they are like arrows shot – the damage has already been done! So, as the old adage goes “Precaution is better than care” it’s important that we avoid the act of arguing and start using questions to get our perspective around.

Don’t make people you love feel unimportant or suppressed by the way you talk to them for a particular matter. While they might take it to their hearts, you shall be on the receiving end of all the bitterness. It’s always best to keep your loved ones happy and fights at a minimum!