No More Detention But Yoga And Meditation At This Arkansas School.

For a long time, schools have engaged in punishing disobedient students with detention and in-house suspension to reinforce discipline and obedience. While that has a negative effect on students and increases their stress factor, many schools are opting for a substitute. A school in Arkansas has resorted to offering students Yoga and meditation instead of detention. This school, known as The Success Achievement Academy, has been doing a phenomenal job at eradicating the idea of punishment while giving students opportunities to vent out their stress and relax their inner spirits.

They believe these methods not only yield reduction of stress in students but also work invariably to make them understand the importance of responsibility in actions. So, while you might be wondering if this new substitute is working, we’re glad to let you know it is!

Yoga rather than Suspension is working better

The principal of Robert Coleman Elementary in Baltimore, Maryland, Carlilian Thompson, believes that yoga and meditation are undoubtedly more effective on students than the act of suspension. Her school began this activity called “Mindful Moments” in 2016 and it was supported by Holistic Life Foundation. Mindful breathing and stretching twice a day is practiced for kids in this institution and Success Academy Foundation followed suit for its students in K8 grades. It is an efficient way for the children to cleanse themselves of the negative influences going on around them and to understand life as these activities have a restorative experience to them.

The director at Success Academy Foundation, Todd Rhodes, stated,“We did a lot of research on their school and not only how they handled discipline, but they’ve actually put it in their curriculum and that’s what we’ve done here. What really got our attention in Baltimore, they went to zero suspensions for an entire year. Suspension does not work for our students. They are getting help with learning how to breathe and meditate and to relieve stress, and then part of that not only is there deep breathing there’s also a restorative piece to it, they take responsibility for what they did.”

Besides the phenomenal success of Yoga rather than punishment in the form of suspension, certain sects of parents hold strict objections against it. There are communities that are thoroughly uncomfortable with this set of things. A television show called THE VIEW in Georgia elucidated how parents were enraged because schools were adding yoga as a curriculum. They are of the opinion that yoga transmutes a certain religious factor. Parents who believe religion is kept away from schools for reasons obvious should also keep aside Yoga as it is a form of spiritual living and making students dependent on spiritual living is as harmful as conceding them to a particular religious belief.

As the debates whether Yoga should be carried on in schools go on, we have to admit its phenomenal success and the positive impact noticed on the children. It strives to give them a stress-free life!

via WakingTimes