Eight Food Combinations That You Might Want To Avoid For Your Own Good

We are what we eat.

This is one sentence whose truth one cannot debate. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy, simply.

It is also known that certain foods provide certain nutrients and people with specific health requirements oftentimes consume larger quantities of specific foods.

However while doing this, one might combine two separate food items that are healthy on their own accord but not so much in combination with each other.

Here we are giving you a list of eight such combinations that are wrong.

1. Cheese pasta + tomatoes

Pasta and cheese are obviously very rich in carbohydrates. These start digesting in your mouth itself thanks to ptyalin in your saliva.

However, tomatoes contain acids like citric, oxalic and malic which breaks down this digestion-aiding enzyme, thus hindering your digestion.

What you can do is add other vegetables like basil which will complement your pasta while helping you digest it too.

2. Milk and Bran

Milk contains essential minerals like calcium and bran. These bond with the phytic acid found in common brans to form insoluble and non-absorbable meshes in the milk.

What you can do is boil the bran beforehand to neutralise said phytic acid.

3. Pizza and fizzy drinks

Pizza has carbs, proteins and fats which require heavy digestion. However sugary drinks hinder the digestion of these nutrients. Moreover, the sugars can’t reach your intestines because of your full stomach. As a result, you might feel heavy and bloated.

This might especially be a problem if you aren’t used to such heavy meals.

Consume sugary drinks at least an hour or two later.

4. Cereal and Orange Juice

Orange juice contains ascorbic and citric acids, both of which combine with starches that hinder the digestion of carbohydrate rich cereals by inactivating the enzymes that do so.
It’s best to consume orange juice about an hour later.

5. Eggs and Bacon

Trying to digest such a protein rich meal at the start of the day deprives the body of much-needed energy which could be spent otherwise.
It is best to substitute the bacon with tomatoes. The antioxidant selenium, found in eggs, is better digested with the acids brought by tomatoes. And the lycopene in tomatoes has better health effects for you when it’s combined with the vitamin E from the egg yolk.

6. Cocoa and Milk

Cocoa is a rich source of oxalic acid. It blocks absorption of calcium and magnesium by bonding with it. The resultant oxalate crystals are very harmful for your kidneys.
Try making cocoa with skimmed milk.

7. Vinegar and Salads

Salads contain vitamins that need fats for absorption. By dressing them with vinegar and lime however you emulsify said fats that might be present in the olive oil.

Vegetable oils help rejuvenate the body in the right amounts. However, if you aren’t a big fan, try fatty fruits in salads, like avocado.

8. Wheat bread and Jam

Refined wheat flour combined with rich sugars to give you a rush of high energy and then fatigue often accompanied by bad moods.

Moreover, the high sugars ferment thanks to the wheat in your stomach to give you stomach troubles.

Whole wheat bread which is non-yeasted can be a healthy substitute. Also, try and replace jam with honey which a healthier food in general.