Five Fundamental Things About You That Anyone Can Find Out Easily

Every American citizen has a permanent file about herself/himself with the Government of the United States.

This file contains sensitive information such as their addresses, names, phone numbers, criminal records if any, speeding tickets if any etc. And very controversially the Government considers it “public record”; that is it can be accessed by anyone.

What is even more alarming, is that a new website is seeking to make all this content online. This would enable anyone with a device and an internet connection to access it.

Now you must be wondering what exactly is on your records and the answer might shock you more than you think.

Here are five extremely fundamental and sensitive things about you that might soon become common knowledge.

1. Personal Information

Out of the vast amount of personal information that can be uncovered, here is a brief list

1. Your full name

2. A complete history of where you’ve lived, including past and current addresses (it even has pictures of your house and detailed data about your neighbourhood)

3. An estimate of your home’s value

4. Your birthdate

5. Your age

6. Your astrological sign

7. Your relatives and associates

8. Your close friends (this can also include current and former boyfriends and girlfriends, anyone who you’ve had close ties to can appear on this list)

2. Your Speeding Tickets

Every time you speed, cut a red light or do a California stop, it’s an entry in your public file. And now anyone can access them.

3. Professional Licenses

Certain types of professional licenses issued to you by the government are a matter of public record. Specifically, FAA and DEA licenses can also be included in a background report.

4. Criminal Records

If you have ever been incarcerated, for anything at all, it is an entry into your public file. Be it jaywalking or murder this is information on your public record ready to be accessed by anyone who looks you up.

5. Online Accounts and Activity

This new controversial website thanks to its deeper search technology, can uncover all your social media information, all your dating website accounts, videos everything in a matter of minutes.

In addition to your online activity, this website could reveal things on the Internet you might not even remember posting – like the embarrassing photos from high school you forgot about.