Pakistan Has Planted A Billion Trees In The Last 2 Years

Pakistan has taken a green step forward by planting 1 billion trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province over the last two years. This “Billion Tree Tsunami” campaign has restored an overwhelming 350 hectares of forests and degraded lands while making Earth a little less polluted and more habitable.

Imran Khan, the leader of the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf, led this “Billion Tree Tsunami” campaign to challenge deforestation in the face. Pakistanis have a reason to rejoice and revel over making the effort to reduce the rates of deforestation and increasing rates of sustainability of the planet.

This campaign was a part of the Bon Challenge that is spearheaded by The International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The Bon’s Challenge aim was to restore a minimum of 150 hectares of degraded land by the year 2020. Pakistan formed a part of the 20 countries who had agreed to take up this challenge and have completed much more than that the target well ahead of the stipulated time.

With the threat of climate adversely affecting the planet, tree planters in Pakistan actively participated in this challenge. Pakistan has been a prey to numerous violent floods in the past that has wiped away communities and destabilized eco-systems in the vicinity. With more trees being planted, river-beds remain well-protected and the potential of violent floods is quintessentially reduced with afforestation. “The Billion Tree Tsunami” is a step that has been taken towards the right direction. Our first and foremost duty, as humans, as countries, as citizens should be to protect mother Earth and reduce the levels of pollution, deforestation and climate change.

The world has sustained much damage already and we can strive harder to make it a habitable planet for our future generations. Pakistan, as a third-world country, has shown all the countries a probable way to deal with climate change and its ill-effects. It’s our responsibility as well-informed individuals to follow suit and make the future earth a better place to live in, for our successors.

Pakistan had fallen prey to torrential rains in April 2016 that claimed the lives of more than 140 people and resulted in destructions. Scientists believed that the damage caused by the spell of rain was only increased by deforestation and mountain slides. The “Green Growth Initiative” headed by Malik Amin realized how deforestation abetted mass scale damage and destruction and began a number of activities that might help in reversing the damage caused by 60 years of deforestation. Timber mafias were cracked down and “Billion Tree Tsunami” was commenced to reverse the negative trend and better the lives of the future generations.

This project was started in June 2015. At the Paris Conference, the KP government had promised to restore 384 hectares of degraded land by reforestation under “Billion Tree Tsunami.” It was in the same campaign that Bon Challenge lent its support to the project and aimed to restore 150 million degraded lands in the entire world to make this world a better place.