Highly Intelligent People Don’t Socialize Much – Here’s Why!

Do you hate going for parties and love it when you’ve nowhere to go all day and can be by yourself?

Does the unexpected reverberation of your doorbell send you into an unbelievable frenzy? Is there nothing you yearn more than living the life of a hermit – away from civilization? Does that sound like you? You might as well be a genius.

NCBI conducted a recent study that proves highly intelligent people use this strategy unconsciously to increase the levels of satisfaction in their lives. Lead researchers – Satoshi Kanazawa and Norman Li are of the opinion that “the hermits in the woods” strategy is the perfect way for highly intelligent people to obtain and maximize the levels of happiness in their lives. Further research of these evolutionary psychologists reveals that people living in less populated areas tend to be happier than their counterparts in highly populated areas.

Moreover, individuals who indulge more in social interactions with their loved ones rather than strangers are happier in their lives. All groups reported being happier – thanks to their social interactions – instead of one particular group who craved for a frugal social life. This group consisted of highly intelligent individuals who prefer associating themselves with only the handful of people who really matter to them.

Carol Graham, a researcher on economics of happiness, stated in an article published in Washington Post how individuals who are highly intelligent and possess the capacity to utilize it in the right manner aren’t likely to spend time socializing, as they prefer focusing on a certain different long-term purpose.

So, when you turn down an invitation to a party because you have better fish to fry – don’t mind when your friend calls you anti-social because you are actually onto something more important.

The “Savannah Theory” has been developed by evolutionary psychologists to explain behavioral phenomenon. This theory proposes how we tend to find happiness in things that tended to make our ancestors happy. But you might be wondering that how does Savannah that holds interpersonal relations as the locus of life of ancestors justify the frugal social lives of highly intelligent people?

Evolution is a continuous process that is constantly shaping and re-shaping the lives on the planet. It might be the case that intelligent people are actually evolving in such a way that they are adept to do away with the needs to socialize as society experiences a dramatic shift.

Things around us are constantly evolving but it isn’t discernible by the naked human eye which is glued to screens in this modernist world fraught with post-modernist tropes. Evolution isn’t an ultimate theory proposed by Darwin – but we need to address that evolution is a constant procedure that’s changing the world around us in multifarious ways.

So, highly intelligent people might just be focusing their energy and time on things that are bound to contribute towards advancements of human race. Their activities have their roots embedded in intellectual and economic needs that have the power to change things for the better.

So, if you’re a person who’d rather stay back home than hit the club, welcome to the club of geniuses.