Five Signs That Say You Are With Your Soulmate

In his Symposium, Plato wrote how every human being had been created once, as androgynous, with a female half and a male one. In time, they incurred the wrath of Zeus who split them into two parts, to wander alone. Since then, man’s quest has been to reunite with this missing piece of his self: his/her soulmate.

Every human being, no matter how wretched, deserves the companionship of his/her soulmate.

In the almost cut-throat world of romance and I use such a sinister term intentionally, meeting our missing pieces is as tricky as anything. What is trickier, is the fact that you might already be with them, but failed to notice.

To help the latter cases, here are five signs:

Your Relationship Makes You A Better Person

Your partner, if ideal, will inspire you continually; to be a better person, set higher goals and achieve them. You grow from your mistakes and do not repeat them. You imbibe each other’s best parts and learn to leave behind each other’s’ worsts.
The relationship changes both of you, for the better.

Sex Is But Part Of A Larger Story

The bond is strong. You can spend hours talking about the things that excite you, sipping coffee and watching your favorite TV show.

You two share a beautiful physical relationship but that is not the only driving factor in the relationship. In fact, think of it this way: As soon as you see yourselves having JUST sex and fights, understand that it’s falling apart.

Distance Kills?

Yes, distance in any romantic context is a killer. There is yearning and there are nights of no sleep. However, in case you are with the one, this won’t be a problem. There won’t be suspiscion, there won’t be pain, only understanding and love. You two definitely miss each other but you hold on and focus on your own work till the time of reunion comes.

You Set Standards For Others

You both support each other as lovers and as partners-in-crime. The two of you are protective of each other, and when you two come together to create something, it’s wonderful, it’s powerful, it’s something that inspires people.

Seeing you as a couple, people start believing that true love exists. You have your story to tell, a story of struggle and how you two have managed together.

Non-Verbal Communication

Gestures are all it takes. This is because both of you notice the tiniest things about each other. Communication is never a problem because you are one at heart: Halves of the same whole indeed.