Face Mapping Can Give You Insight Into The Health Of Your Organs


What did people of the past do to cure themselves of disease?

Well, for the most part, they relied both on nature and the knowledge they had about their body.

Chinese healers were able to detect diseases by looking at specific points on our face. It was quite fascinating and it really worked. It’s called face mapping.

With this technique, you can see the position of spots on your face and detect what internal problems you might be facing. Completely safe and non-intrusive, this technique not only shows us how our body parts are connected to each other, but also, how we can detect early signs of some underlying problems.

Here are some of the spots to look out for:

Acne present on the cheek

This might be a result of smoking too much. Bacteria build-up on your face can cause acne in this location too. Plus, constantly touching your face spreads them.

Acne present on your T-Zone

This is an indicator of stress. Drinking too much alcohol or coffee can cause it too. Plus, this might indicate poor circulation of blood.

Acne present on your jaw, neckline and chin

If you consume too much starch or processed sugar, then this can occur. Plus, it indicates hormonal problems as well as candida infections.

Face Mapping Based On Organs

While the above-mentioned points might give you a general overlook of the underlying problems that you might be facing, it is important to understand the specific organ that is being affected.

These are the organs which get affected:

Forehead Acne: Small intestines and bladder issues

If you are consuming food which is low on fiber content but high on fat, like processed food, then forehead acne is common. They will also pop up when you are going through stress which will lead to more toxins getting accumulated in your body. Stay hydrated, drink 10-12 glasses of water each day. Cut down on processed food and alcohol.

Near your eyes and eyebrows: Kidneys Issues

This might be a result of dehydration and malnutrition. Smoking, increased alcohol intake and a weak heart are probable causes. Drink lots of water and stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

Cheek acne: Lungs and Kidney Issues

Improper oral hygiene can lead to cheek acne. Flossing and brushing everyday will help to treat it. Avoid sugary food which could harm your teeth.

Acne on Upper part of the cheek: Lungs issue

This is more of an environmental issue: air pollution. Do not go out too much and if you do, wear a protective mask. Smoking will worsen your condition.

Nose Acne: Heart issue

The nose is connected to your heart. Acne on the nose means an increase in salt intake. Go for a better diet with controlled salt, and exercise more. Focus on cardio.

Chin and Mouth Acne: Stomach Issues

The chin and mouth can develop acne due to intake of sugary and fatty food. Go for some fermented food products to get rid of this problem.

Jaw and Neck Acne: Hormonal Issues

When there is a hormonal imbalance in your body, then, you get acne on your neck and near your jaws. Decrease your salt intake and hold back on coffee. Eat more leafy vegetables for better health.

So one lesson to be learnt from those who practiced Face Mapping is to always observe your face – it’s trying to tell you something!