Footage Of A Humpback Against A Tiny Fishing Boat Reminds Us Of Moby Dick


You might have seen it in the movies. A ship is sailing along calmly and suddenly, a whale glides past it.

Or you may have imagined the same scene when you were reading Moby Dick. But now, you don’t have to rely on your imagination anymore! An amazing video has come out – a humpback whale erupting out of the calm sea just behind a fishing boat.

Just like in the movies, only far too real. You probably wouldn’t want to be there when it happens!

60-year-old photographer, Douglas Croft, and whale watcher, Kate Cummings, were fortunately nearby. They were able to capture this fascinating event in Monterey Bay, Canada. And now, it’s all over the internet.

Douglas mentioned that since it was Salmon Season, humpbacks would be returning to the Bay for their summer food. It was also the location of of many fishing boats.

According to him, the whale had breached before and most likely breach again. Douglas had gone below deck to the water line when the amazing view presented itself. The breach was now behind and you can see the size of the whale against the minute boat.

For Kate, however, it was an exciting affair. The multiple breaches of the whale were quite far away, but during breaching, whales tend to move in different directions. She knew the next breach would be nearby, but the perfect alignment was miraculous.

Well, thankfully we got a video of the miracle. The humpback and the fishing boat were truly in perfect alignment.

Watch the video below: