Soul Mates Remain Soul Mates Despite Whatever May Come In Their Way


Perfect relationships- what are they? Two compatible people staying together.

They find peace, solace, and happiness in each other.

But many of us will understand how hard it is to find someone who fits together with you perfectly, just like a jigsaw puzzle. People go through years searching for love, and some don’t ever find it in their lives.

But when you know you have it, when you know that this is it, do you question if it was fate or it was your own doing which led to it?

Well, bringing forth just one side of the story is never going to help. Some believe in fate doing all the work, but some believe in finding love for themselves. At the end of the day, it is a culmination of both fate and hard work. Fate can only work up to a certain point. After that, it is just you, and how you do it.

Love can be attained if one widens their horizons. You can’t expect to be a frog in the well, and get your soul mate. You have to make connections, make friends, visit places, evolve yourself into someone people would want to be with. If you leave all up to fate, nothing will ever come of it.

And once you have found your soul mate, it will feel so good. You’ll go through the honeymoon phase, where everything the two of you do is perfect. Where roses grow, and the sun rises throughout the day. The love is deep, and it is intense. You don’t want them out of your sight, and they don’t want you out of theirs.

In this scenario, you might also get scared if something suddenly goes wrong. You might have a small argument that you might think is a relationship destroying fight.

There might be a small tiff, which you believe could escalate. You are panic-stricken. You know this is the ideal love – your soul mate. What happens if the bond breaks? But that is not how it happens.

Relax, take a breath.

Or else you might see your relationship destroyed. And that would ruin you.

You would wonder what happened, and what could you have possibly done to prevent that, but you would get no answers. You want them now, you want them here, you don’t think you can live without them. You let go of yourself, and start degrading. But don’t give up hope. Yet.

For if they are really your soul mate, it wouldn’t matter how much distance comes between you. There are forces at work which no one can fathom that would strive to bring you two back together.

All you need to do is maintain and believe in your love.

You need to believe in them, in yourself and the universe that is trying to make things right again. Nothing can destroy it, unless you destroy it yourself. They are trying, the universe is trying, so why don’t you try hard to reconcile too?

Most of us have been in a lot of relationships over the years, and while they might be fulfilling in their own right, this one is different. And you feel it, don’t you?

Don’t give up. Not just yet.