The First Thing You See Will Reveal A Hidden Side Of Your Personality


We have three layers in our mind – the unconscious, the subconscious and the conscious.

While most of the tasks or thoughts that come across our mind might be conscious, our subconscious has a significant effect on our personality. After all, the entire mind is who we actually are – hidden or revealed. That’s why personality tests help.

The aspects of our subconscious might be hidden – but there are certain triggers that might reveal parts of it. One of them is interpreting an image. They can be wonderful personality tests.

Here are some images – the thing that you see first will tell a lot about your personality on a deeper level:

What Do You Spot?

lips, trees, roots


You are someone who takes things as they are – on its face value. Hence, you do not dig deep into the reasons. That makes you quite non-judgmental, however, it also shows that you are scared of taking risks.


You are creative and come up with different unusual solutions to problems. You have understood that when you look deep into the unknown premises, then, you can find some treasure which can actually add value to you and your life. Deep conversations that stimulate you.


If you spot the roots first, then it shows that you are someone who is focused on growth. You are grounded and are always looking for ways to grow personally. You don’t mind finding out something that will challenge you and help you grow. Also, you are a really helpful person and support others during their times of need.

What Do You Spot?

men, water splashing, skull


You care for others – sometimes, even more than you care about your own self. This makes you a person who is self-sacrificing. While helping others is a good trait, you should not neglect yourself completely just because you want to help others. Balance is the key.

Splashing Water

If you see the splashing water, then you are a cautious person. You believe that a storm is coming and so, you are not going to go out of the way to take any risk. You are always looking after yourself and making sure that you don’t fall in any abyss.


If you find the skull in the picture, then you are a positive person who finds the cup is actually half-full. You like to discover all kinds of new truth. You are successful at it too – since, you can see things in different ways others cannot.

What Do You Spot?

tree, woman, landscape


If you find the tree at first, then you are not very aware of what’s happening around you. You don’t overthink and so, if some bad situation comes up, you would be struck hard. You will probably try to escape rather than confront it.


If the woman came before your sight before anything else, then you are quite a keen observer. You can spot details which would usually be overlooked by others. That makes you a bit of an over-analyzer too at times.


If you spot the landscape before the rest of the image, then you are sometimes absent-minded. However, it is not something severe for you. You like what you like and don’t really want to go out of your comfort zone and do something new. You like to go with the flow.

What Do You Spot?

couple, explosion, woman


If you spotted the couple first, then you value your relationships a lot. Your partner occupies your mind most of the time, and you do not want to lose them. And that might make you a bit clingy at times too.


If the explosion stuck out in the image, then you are often scared very easily. That makes you a bit erratic. You are often anxious and worrying about things, which might take away a bit of life away from you.


If you saw the woman first, then you are suffering from loneliness. You want some attention – you want someone special. You are craving for the lover’s touch, perhaps.

So, were these images accurate? Sometimes random things can reveal so much about us which day-to-day activities do not show. Well, share these images or personality tests and find out more about your friends and family.