The Japanese Cube Test – Find Out More About Your Personality


This game was designed by the Japanese psychologists to disclose the parts of us that we ourselves are not fully aware of.

It is an in-depth personality test revealing our darkest secrets.

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This personality test has been dubbed as the Cube Test. Its conception hails from a Japanese bestseller, named Kokoloy. The book contains a series of games revealing deep psychological findings of the reader. These profound facts tell us about our personal attitudes towards various attributes like work, sex, and life in general.

There is simply no lack of such promising personality tests floating around on the internet.

However, the accuracy of this test is absolutely undeniable.

The test begins in a pretty simple manner, asking seemingly unrelated, vague questions. It starts off by asking the viewers to imagine a desert. As we walk the desert, the viewer is now asked to imagine some kind of cube, of any size or material to be somewhere in the picture. So, now we have formed an image of a desert and a cube.

More detailed questions are asked about the cube, regarding its size, material, and its relation with the ground below. After successfully creating this picture, we move on to the next object to add further in the scene. Next, we must visualize some kind of a ladder. It can be of any material, it can be anywhere in the scene, and it can be of any type.

After another round of deeper questions about the ladder, we are now asked to imagine a horse. More specific questions follow about the horse: whether it is straddled, or wild and what exactly is it doing.

Things keep adding up, as the image gets complex. Soon enough, we will have to place flowers of any kind, and of any number, somewhere in the scene. It finally ends with picturing an incoming storm. More questions are asked about it, like the nature of the storm and how scary it is.

The imaginary scene ends here. Next, we dive into what it all stands for. The desert is a metaphor for our life, and all the objects on it, or around it, are the various elements of our life.

First comes the cube – the cube is a representation of our ego, the size of the cube determines our ego.

The material showcases our openness with our friends.

The ladder shows how well we support our friends, and how are our relationships with them. The sturdier the material of the ladder, the stronger the bond.

The horse represents our love life. A reined-in horse shows our need to be in control of the relationship, and the freer the horse, the more we prefer our relationships to be wild.

Flowers signify how many kids we want to have. The closer the flowers are to the cube, the more we think about our kids.

Finally, the storm represents stress. The closer and more terrifying the storm, the more is the presence of stress in our life.

Take the test with the video below:

So, how accurate was the cube test for you?