These Beautiful Chickens Of The World Captured In Frame Will Shock You


Chickens – we eat them, we use their eggs and we imitate their clucking.

But for most of us it’s hard to see these funny looking creatures as ‘beautiful’. But thankfully we have artists and photographers who can present them to us in their best light.

Back in  2013, Matteo T was on a search to find a Concincina. He wanted to keep it as a pet in his studio garden in Milan. During his journey, he met Giorgio. Giorgio was a farmer and he had an aviary exhibition. Matteo T was invited. While there he found a Concincina hen which stole his heart. Her name was Jessicah.

Matteo started taking pictures of chickens because somehow, he found beauty in them. He also published his collection in a book.

It’s time to see whether you find these pictures ‘beautiful’ or not!

1. This pale beauty looks like it’s part of a royal family.

2. This chicken is one proud bird!

3. A beautiful pattern like this is rare to see.

4. The sleek rooster is going in for the morning wake up call!

5. The chicken looks anxious about something. Better keep it satisfied.

6. They look like the supermodels of the chicken world – just look at those fine slender legs!

7. Well, that hairdo would look great on a human rock star too.

8. Just look at that styling. This bird must have visited a world-class salon.

9. Look at the anger – this bird does not like the paparazzi.

10. Such a handsome bird.

11. “What do you see, fellow stargazer?”

12. White and full – this chicken has a fair share of admirers, for sure.

13. The light shimmers on it’s glittery feathers – did this bird fall from the heavens?

14. Mother must have ate a lot of chocolate. That’s why the offspring turned out to look so sweet.

15. She might be camera-shy? Or she just wants the best part of her body to be shown on screen.

16. Chicken on a hover-board – Woah!

17. This bird is strong and looking quite charged up. Be careful.

18. A fluffy little chick – and like most of our kids, a little bit self-conscious.

19. That’s a strange kind of feather. Looks comfortable, though.

20. It’s the brown tinge again – but this time, it’s handsome eyes are looking right at you.

Aren’t they just beautiful?