Change The Negative Complaining Attitude To An Ever-Grateful One


Complainers are all around you in your daily life – be it friends, relatives, or colleagues.

When these complainers begin to describe even a happy situation, they turn it into something to complain about.

In general, it is good to not keep things bottled up, but overdoing the focus on the negativity will gradually start taking a toll on a person’s health.

A new venture has been started, named The Complaint Restraint project by Thierry Blancpain and Pieter Pelgrims. This was created so that the numbers of negative words that come out of your mouths get replaced with something more constructive. It will help us to become a better version of ourselves.

The Damaging Effects of Complaining

The more you complain, your brain gets used to it and complaining slowly becomes the default setting. But there are even more severe after-effects of complaining, such as generating a higher amount of cortisol which leads to depression, insomnia, stomach problems, and increased blood pressure.

Ways to Prevent Complaining

Getting things off your chest feels incredible, but it is highly important to decrease the frequency at which it’s done. Some of the ways it could be done are:

1. Meaning of Complaining

The fundamental difference lies between a mere observation or a complaint. Once you realize exactly what a complaint is, it gets much easier to not keep repeating the same thought process. Defining it clearly helps you realize and restrict yourself from going overboard with the complaining.

2. Note down Your Complaints

It is important to be fully aware of the habits you unknowingly make. Hence, keeping a consistent record of all the times you indulge in complaining will help in significantly reducing the amount in a healthy and efficient way.

3. Staying away from constant complainers

Those who indulge in long, never-ending sessions of complaining often do so because they seek more negative comments to fuel their stream of negativity even further. Once you distance yourself from their toxic rants, you will realize how much of their stream of words was affecting your outlook on life.

4. Don’t let your complaints slide

When you just can’t stop yourself from complaining anymore, just actively remind yourself of what you’re indulging in once again. In order to cut this stream of consciousness short, remind yourself of all that you have and be grateful about it, instead of complaining.

5. Transforming your ‘Have To’s to ‘Get To’s

To absolutely nip the bud of complaining, you must tactfully change your entire point of view. When you think that you ‘Have To’ do something, it all starts sounding like a boring chore – thus leading to more complaining. However, when the same is worded as ‘Get To’, it feels like a privilege to do such an activity. Hence, what is really needed to cut the complaints short is, just learn to look at the world better.

So, change your perspective and stop complaining. That’s the way to a positive life.