Strange Natural Phenomena That Will Leave You Spellbound


There are so many natural events that are both spell-binding and frightening.

Nature has her own fair share of phenomena which she likes to display to the world. It shows both her might and beauty.

You may have spotted many strange natural phenomena before, and some are more memorable than others. The examples below are very rare and if you do spot them, you will be left in awe.

1. Volcanic bolts of lightning

This exceptional natural phenomenon takes place due to two reasons. Firstly, the ash particles of the volcano individually rub together to create a static electricity induced bolt of lightning. Secondly, the formation of ice in the stratosphere because of the water vapor from the volcano. When these ice particles collide, the spectacular lightning bolts take place.

2. Frozen Methane Bubbles

In Alberta, Canada, – the Lake Abraham shows strange sights during wintertime. These are frozen methane bubbles just below the ice. The methane is released as a by-product when the microorganisms digest the organic matter in the lake.

3. Giant’s Causeway

Overviewing a rocky cliff-side in Northern Ireland – the Giant’s Causeway stands tall at almost 12 meters with close to 8 sides. It is made up of forty thousand interlocking columns of basalt. As legend has it, a giant called Finn MacCool created this, but scientific observations deem volcanic eruptions to be the cause.

4. Undulatus Asperatus Clouds

This name is given to the phenomenon when the clouds almost look like an ocean in motion. This is the result of heavy wind turbulence and movement. The clouds look like gently sloping waves.

5. Animals of stone at Lake Natron

There is a very spooky lake located in Tanzania, Africa. This is where unfamiliar animals turn to stone, or rather get ‘mummified’ due to the increased amount of sodium carbonate present in it’s water. However, flamingos use this same lake for breeding purposes – hence; it’s not really a death trap.

6. Bioluminescent waves

Around the globe, there are certain seashores where the waves crash against each other creating a blue-white glow. The spectacle is caused by ostracod crustaceans and phytoplankton. This happens when they’re stressed after being touched or are impacted by the turbulence of the waves.

7. Pillars of Light

This is an optical illusion based on the physics of light. In snowy areas, sometimes they form crystals of ice and move closer towards the ground. Upon the reflection of the sun rays, they form a stream of light appearing as if there’s a light stream.

8. Eucalyptus of Rainbow Colors

This is an interesting tree with naturally changing colors. When the bark of the tree comes off, it showcases various colors, which changes as the tree ages. This tree can be found in areas of temperate climes, like Hawaii.

9. Moeraki boulders

New Zealand has a beach with perfectly spherical boulders lying all over the area. Studies say it might be the result of erosion and sediments of the ancient sea. The diameter of the boulders ranges from 1m to 2.2m in diameter.

10. Rocks that are alive

There is an organism in Chile, called the pyura chilensis. Locals say that it is a rock, but it’s not really so. The skin of the creature is rocky and rough, but inside lays blood and internal organs just like any other living being. Even though the food is quite a delicacy there, it’s most likely not safe due to the high levels of vanadium.

Are you awed by these strange natural phenomena?