7 Reasons To Love & Embrace Freckles


Freckles tend to get a lot of bad press with many people looking for ways to get rid of them or hide them with makeup.

If you simply Google “freckles” you’ll come across a ton of results on ways to cover them up but far less gets said about how lucky you are to have them and why you should embrace them.

If you are among the lucky people who have a few freckles, or a face full of them, why would you want to hide them?

Here are 7 reasons why we love freckles and think you should too.

They show that you have been on holiday or spent some good time in the sun

Although it’s good advice to cover up with sunscreen if you’re out in the sun in an exposed area for a prolonged period of time, it’s inevitable that the rays will get to your skin. And if you’re fortunate this will result in a new array of unique freckles across your cheeks, nose and elsewhere on your body. What’s not to love about that?!

Freckles are better than sunburn

So you’ve spent a great day out in the sun and afterwards your biggest problem is freckles? Then consider yourself lucky, no pain!

They are a summer accessory

For many people freckles are a seasonal thing. You know when summer has fully arrived when you spot your first freckle! You don’t even need to put any effort or thought into it, just get out in the sun and let the freckles materialize.

They are harmless to your health

If you have freckles it means that you have fairer skin that is more sensitive to sunlight, and having fair skin does put you at more risk to health problems like skin cancer. But fear not! Freckles themselves are not an indication of any disease. But just keep an eye out for any strange looking “freckles” that might be a sign of a problem, and speak to your dermatologist if you feel the need to get it checked.

You are rare

It’s not only fair skinned redheads that get freckles but they do tend to get them the most. Our red-headed friends make up only 4-5 percent of the world’s population. So if you have freckles and are a natural redhead then you’re a pretty rare and special gem!

Freckles can make you look younger

Freckles are most common just after puberty and they tend to fade out for a lot of people as they get older. So if you are a bit older and are still rockin’ freckles, people will likely perceive you as younger. An easy win!

Freckles are beautiful

Some of the world’s most beautiful people have prominent freckles and enjoy flaunting them, so you should feel comfortable to do the same.