97-Year-Old Uses Doodles To Save His Home Town From Being Demolished


A Taiwanese man with a talent sprung into action when he found out the government were threatening to demolish his beloved hometown.

97-year-old retired war veteran Huang Yung-Fu from the Nantun district of Taichung City transformed his local area into what is now earned the name “The Rainbow Village” which attracts massive numbers of visitors.

The area used to house over 1200 families but it became increasingly run down leading to it’s inhabitants moving away in larger and larger numbers until Huang became the only person left in town.

The government issued a succession of statements threatening to tear down the remaining buildings which left Huang feeling heartbroken over the idea of losing the place he called home for his whole life.

Huang soon figured that he had to do something to save the place and seeing the potential in the empty houses that surrounded him he picked up a paintbrush and started to bring the place to back to life.

As someone who had not created much art in his life since he was taught to draw by his father when he was 3 years old, by no means did Huang consider himself an artist. But as he began to cover the buildings in colorful animal doodles and designs he soon fell in love with painting and the way it was enhancing the surroundings.

He continued covering the neighborhood walls and eventually some local university students found out what he was up to. They rallied behind him and campaigned to have the buildings preserved.

Thanks to the efforts of the students the town was protected, allowing Huang to continue living there and he has continued to decorate the buildings day by day.

He wakes up as early as 3AM to get to work covering his community in colorful paintings and tourists continue to flock there in large numbers (over a million each year) to marvel at his work.

Watch the video below: