Let Your Kids Bond With Their Cousins – Make Their Lives Memorable


If anyone asks me what I always carry, I tell them it is the fond memories I share with my cousins.

Cousins are everything that you could wish for from a sibling or a friend. Near or far, they always stay close to your heart. They are at times your only connection to the past – your co-traveler in the journey of life.

They are your friend and also your family, the best of both relations. It is a relationship of trust and love.

They are the source of our beloved hand-me-downs. Whether you win in life or lose, they are always around. When you are around them, you can be yourself – you can let your hair down. Over the years they remain the ones who understand you better than anyone else, perhaps even yourself.

Picture Perfect

As families tend to be small, a sense of isolation and alienation creeps into a child’s mind. The company of friends can never satisfy the emotional and psychological needs that a family fulfills. Cousins are a part of the most colorful period of a child’s life. The vivid pastels of childhood gradually give way to the muted shades of our old age, but even with the color drained out, the pictures remain as cheerful as ever.

A Part Of Every First

Cousins are a part of the “firsts” of our life. Our first walk, the first time we climbed a tree, the first time we held a bat or a ball or a hand, the first time we broke the neighbor’s window or flowerpot, the first time we scraped our knee or broke our heart. With luck, they were always around on your birthdays. And those memories are what sustain us for the rest of our lives, whether captured by a lens or not.

Through Thick And Thin

Over time, the tides of necessity might have drifted us apart, but they are the ones who understand our family best. They are there to lead us through trying times in our family life. You can always count on them. It is a friendship forged as a child and strengthened by family ties. We look forward to a marriage or some other occasion to reunite. The memory of these reunions sustains us… till we meet again.

A Sense Of Continuity In A Fragmented World

Every time you meet after a long period of separation, you can easily pick up from where you left. It is as if a movie has been paused for a while and somebody just pressed the remote to re-start the movie from that point. And with age, the meetings acquire a tinge of poignancy. Each meeting becomes more precious. It might be the last time we meet. Every reunion brings a mutual realization that one day, there will be no more meeting… again.

It is not that everyone is lucky to have a large family. But the lucky ones know how fortunate they are to have an extended family. It is our first lesson in bonding and networking. They are our first circle to which we can always reach out in our rough stretches. We can always share our joy with them too. And when the going gets really rocky, reach out to that person with whom you have forged the bonding of a lifetime. They will forever be the one to rejoice in our happiness. And they will always be our bridge over troubled waters.

Love your cousin. If you are a parent, bond your children with their cousins. Help them make a memory that they will cherish forever.