3 Signs Someone is Secretly Jealous of You


Let’s explore some of the signs that someone is secretly jealous of you.

1. Tearing You Down

Jealousy and insecurity often come hand in hand. We unconsciously get jealous of the people around us that make us feel inferior. If you can’t feel secure in seeing the value of your own accomplishments, you may rely on the praise of others to make you feel valuable. Their praise gives you confidence and you feel powerful and full of energy.

But if someone more established and secure enters the scene, how does that make you feel? When they take the spotlight off of you it takes away all that was making you feel good, and accepted. You may feel angry, or lonely, and if you really can’t handle the lack of attention then people would tend to say you are jealous.

When people get jealous because of this kind of situation, they often don’t have the courage to confront you face to face, but instead will insult or criticize you when you’re not there to defend yourself.

The reason they gossip like this behind your back is because you probably intimidate them and they are scared to insult you to your face.

They say exaggerated or untrue things purely because you are not their to dispute them, and they believe that making you look bad makes them look better than you.

This may frustrate you because you know that they are gossiping behind your back but you might not have evidence of exactly what they have been saying, and therefore can’t confront them.

The best way to deal with this? Show kindness. You will come out looking like the bigger person and they will feel guilty for talking bad behind your back.

2. Hating your Advice

Is there someone in your life who can never take your advice, even when it’s clearly good advice? And maybe they get hot-tempered and mad at you for trying to help?

This is a common sign of jealousy amongst friends. They may see you as doing better then them as you are in a position to give them advice. This might remind them of how they have failed and they may feel resentment towards you.

This is just a sign of their insecurity. Don’t take it personally as it doesn’t matter what you say, they will still take it the wrong way and feel that you are criticizing their life.

3. A Lack Of Overall Encouragement

Secure friends celebrate in each other successes and achievements. Or at the very least they will give you a genuine “congratulations” when you have done well at something. Your jealous friend on the other hand, will react differently. They may not say anything, or may say something curt like “Ok, cool”. They will not show any sincere excitement or happiness towards you. They may even find a way to criticize an aspect of what you have done.

This is a sign of their insecurity. They may be jealous that you are doing better than them at something that means a lot to them, and the last thing they want to do is give you any encouragement and spur you on to do even better with more confidence. They would sooner play it down and hope that you don’t get the confidence boost that you deserve from your achievements.

Real friends will show they are genuinely happy for you, so keep an eye out for the signs of jealous ones when you’re doing well at something.

But don’t hate them for it, they are only feeling jealous because they believe you’re doing better than them.