Reverse The Adverse Effects Of Alcohol With Clove Buds


Being spirited is completely all right. Even if you are consuming spirits in moderation to keep your spirits up – it’s acceptable.

Alcohol consumption is a normal part of life for many people. The reasons for downing a few drinks may be to heal a broken heart or celebrate a victory, but the effect can turn out to be deadly if indulged in excess.

The journey from a single glass to just celebrate socially to the glass which finally takes you down is a short one. Each glass of alcohol leaves its footprint in your system.

Enter CLOVE BUDS: This humble spice and its formidable qualities fight against the ill effects of alcohol.

A study done by researchers in India has shown that clove buds can negate the harmful effects of alcohol, mainly inflammation and swelling, and oxidative stress which hinders the body’s ability to readily detoxify and repair damages.

Chronic alcoholism and even periods of heavy drinking cause acetaldehyde to accumulate in the body. This has a toxic effect on cells and leads to liver damage, inflammation and other long-term damage in drinkers.

The study proves that clove reverses effects of hard drinking.

The research by the Indian team concentrated on the effect that clove bud extracts had on the inflammation and oxidative stress caused accumulation of acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde happens to be one of the primary cytotoxins that generate after alcohol is metabolized in our body. It leads to liver injuries, extracellular matrix alterations and of course, the infamous hangover.

The study was conducted using 16 male social drinkers chose at random. The participants were divided into two groups, a treatment group and a placebo group. The treatment group was given 250 milligrams of clove bud extract each day. The same group was then made to consume 1 gram of alcohol for every kilogram of body weight each day.

The placebo group was given one placebo every day. The participants were made to reverse their treatment routine after 2 weeks of washout. Blood samples were collected from the participants at intervals of 0, 30, 120, 240 and 720 minutes after treatment with either clove bud extract or placebo. After that, their biochemical parameters were analyzed. Their extent of hangover was measured with the help of a questionnaire.

The results were striking. It was apparent that treatment with the clove bud extract resulted in quicker elimination of acetaldehyde when compared to the person treated with a placebo.

The other areas where significant improvement was noticed included a reduction in lipid peroxidation which leads to increased production of free radical, oxidative stress and inflammatory markers.

In fact, treatment with clove bud extract resulted in a reduction in the severity of a hangover by about 55 percent. On the basis of these significant findings, the researchers were able to confirm that clove bud extracts were effective in alleviating the chemical negatives of consuming alcohol in excess.

Ways to combat the ill effects of drinking

Eating foods rich in good cholesterol and dietary fiber like avocado can alleviate liver damage caused by excess intake of alcohol.

Consuming light skinned vegetables and fruits like apples and cauliflowers decrease the risk of stroke associated with heavy drinking.

Consuming alcohol damages the skin while consuming nuts like walnuts can repair the damage to a great extent and revitalize the skin. This is because walnuts are loaded with antioxidants. Omega-3 in walnuts also slows down the effects of aging.

The effects of exercise on the body are well documented. Aerobic exercise reverses the damage to the brain due to heavy drinking. The immune system gets compromised for heavy drinkers. Eating foods rich in zinc like oysters can fortify your immunity.

And finally, nothing beats abstinence. Taking a break from alcohol for as little as two weeks can bring a lot of difference. Staying away from alcohol repairs brain damage.

Binge drinking affects every part of the body from the skin to the brain. In most cases, the damages are permanent if the main cause is not addressed. So, abstaining from alcohol is the best solution. But the effect of clove in reversing several harmful effects of alcoholism is truly surprising and well-documented.

So, if you are fighting alcoholism, always keep a few cloves nearby to boost up the process.