Elementary Students Create 3D Crosswalk That’s Forcing Drivers to Slow Down


Two friends, Isa and Eric, who attend an elementary school in Massachusetts have came up with a novel but effective way to get drivers to slow down.

They have been praised for their ingenuity in coming up with a new way to make the roads safer for kids, which is: 3D crosswalk bars.

Unlike the typical flat looking white striped crosswalks that we see all over the world, this type is painted in a 3D style to give the illusion of blocks hovering over the road, blocks that no driver would want to drive straight into.

As drivers approach they are forced to slow down for what appears to be obstacles in the road, until they get close enough to see that it’s actually painted on the road and safe to drive over.

“I love it. It looks amazing. Exactly how I pictured it and more,” said 10-year-old Isa, who attends Brooks Elementary School in Medford.

“When you’re walking across you can tell it’s painted, but what we hope is, when you’re driving down, you’ll see it as 3D, three dimensional. So it looks real,” said Isa. Hopefully, drivers will be prompted to slow down in advance of the crosswalk or even stop completely.

This idea all stemmed from when Eric’s brother had a close call with a car in the local neighbourhood, and wished there was a way to slow down drivers.

“We were thinking of a way we could do something to help make the street safer,” explained Isa.

Both Eric and Isa are members of the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility (CCSR) in Medford, an organization that encourages kids to get involved in the community.