Meditation Is Set To Become Part Of The Curriculum In 370 Schools In England


As part of a mental health study being conducted by the British government up until 2021, children will now be taught how to meditate, breathing exercises for mindfulness, and techniques for muscles relaxation.

The secondary school students will also be taught about awareness and how to increase this in their everyday lives.

This surprising step in a positive direction is to help children deal with new and complex emotions experienced in their school years.

When children become disruptive and act out by kicking and screaming it is often because they don’t understand what they are going through, and don’t know any either way to express their feelings. They have never felts these overwhelming feelings before and the results can often be shouting, screaming or fighting.

It is hoped that by teaching mindfulness and meditation it will improve students’ overall mental health so that they will be more relaxed and less inclined to have these outbursts.

This initiative is also spurred on by the increasing number of youngsters suffering from anxiety and depression, with National Health Service (NHS) reports showing that 1-in-8 children in Britain have mental disorders.

Despite these statistics, only 1 in 5 UK children are able to get access to the treatment they need for their mental issues. Something must be done do address the root cause of these issues, and empower kids with better coping strategies, and this initiative will certainly be helpful.

England isn’t the only country now using mindfulness/meditation in their curriculum. in 2016, a Baltimore school chose to replace detention with an area for the children to spend time in doing breathing and stretching exercises instead.

This helps to keep students calmer and more focused in the classroom. (See video below)