These Biodegradable Coffee Cups With Seeds Embedded Will Grow Into Trees When Thrown Away


Here’s an ingenious new type of coffee cup that goes one step beyond simply being biodegradable.

When people with the right intentions put their minds together, anything is possible. This latest project by a small team based in California that go by the same of Reduce. Reuse. Grow. devised an innovative new type of coffee cup that has seeds built into it’s walls. When you’re finished with the coffee you can plant the cup and the seeds will grow.

The team have clearly put a lot of thought into this as the region in which the cup is sold will determine the type of seeds inside it, so that they are appropriate for the local ecosystem.

With this level of ingenuity it gives us hope that it really might be possible to fix some of our greatest waste problems.

Most hot beverages are served in Styrofoam, which is ecologically a bit of a nightmare as it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces which blow away in the wind and end up being eaten by animals and cause widespread pollution.

To make matters worse, in many western cities there are no facilities specifically for styrofoam recycling.

Given that billions of hot beverage containers are discarded each year, and the huge mess this is making, projects like this and other like it are an urgent priority.

Source: BoredPanda