A Chinese Street Was Swamped By A Mysterious Foam Emerging Out Of The Sewers


It almost seemed like a scene from a Hollywood movie. 

As commuters were travelling down Xi’an, a city in China, they suddenly encountered an astounding thing. It was more than just the gruelling traffic.

That day, the commuters faced a thick layer of foam rising from the drains and taking over the streets. It began to come out of the sewers at an alarming rate and some of it even began floating around in the air.

The result: soon enough, the commuters were stuck and couldn’t move. It was as if the foam was indicating the rise of some monster or the apocalypse.

The cars stopped in the foamy surface and within just a few minutes, it had covered the road for up to about 650 feet.

The city officials were called and they brought out seven trucks to bring down the foam levels on the street. It was reported that the foam was still bubbling out of the sewers. In one of the places, they discovered that the foam has become like a geyser shooting up to the sky to a height of about 150 feet.

Eventually the foam lost its force and the city officials were finally able to bring the situation under control.

Once the roads were restored back to order, samples of the foamy material were taken in laboratories for testing. The substance was giving out a pungent smell. Upon analysis, it was found out that the item was actually just common soap.

The problem occurred due to a mishap that happened with a specific detergent. It’s possibly due to the lack of industrial regulations in China that a nearby industrial operation disposed of all their material in an improper manner. It is thought this is what caused the blockage in the sewers.