Watch The Moment A Sloth Thanks Its Rescuers For Saving It From Oncoming Traffic


You’ve heard many answers as to why the chicken crossed the road, but what about the sloth?

Sloths are not the fastest creatures – in fact they are the slowest mammal on the planet – so when this adventurous little tree-climber when for a jaunt across a busy road during rush hour in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a good Samaritan thought it would be best to help out to ensure it’s safety.

50-year-old animal lover José Aldenizio knew that he had to get the sloth off the road to protect it from all the oncoming traffic so he approached it, picked it up under the arms, and carefully carried it to the other side of the road where the sloth was heading to.

Instead of leaving the animal in the grass he decided to assist it up a nearby tree. The sloth slowly took hold of the tree and once it had fully grasped it, Aldenizio waved goodbye to his new friend.

Then to his surprise, the sloth returned the gesture in one of the cutest moments we’ve ever seen.

Just watch for the sincerity in the sloth’s face as he gestures his gratitude – it is truly a thing of beauty.

Watch the video below: