Love at First Sight? It’s More Realistic Than You Might Think


Most people are skeptical about the idea of “love at first sight” believing that it only really belongs to cheesy romance movies and novels.

Some of us who have seen the world change and the trends in dating behaviors move into the digital realm it’s easy to believe that old fashioned notions like this have fallen by the wayside, but that might not be the case.

Many young people continue to believe that love at first sight is possible, even in the age of the internet, and they might be on to something. According to studies, “love at first sight” actually happens more than we think, especially for older adults.

Online retirement community Retire Savvy found that those over 65 have a heightened ability to tell if they are attracted to someone from the moment they see them.

25 per cent of people over 65 were able to confidently tell if they were attracted to a prospect within the first few seconds, while only 19 percent of the 45-65 year-old group could say the same.

On top of that, the group in their 60s were more likely to end a date within minutes if they felt that their date was not compatible with them.

This study shows us that as we grow older we have a better idea of exactly what we want in life and are less likely to waste time on a compromise.

The study also revealed that 77 per cent of the 65+ group said they have a clear life plan in mind, compared to only 55 per cent of those in their 40s.

Those in their later years are much more likely to know where they want to go on a date as well as knowing how far they would like the relationship to go.

Not surprisingly, people 45 or older tend to value having someone to talk to more, and sexual chemistry is less of an important factor them.

Andrew Sheen, editor of Retirement Savvy said:

“Far from being past it and happy to settle, the over 55’s are among the most confident when it comes to dating and romance.

“Our survey finds the over 55s know what they want from a relationship and they’re not afraid to take the lead to get it. While in most cases it’s a companion to share interests and the second half of their life with, there are still many vivacious people in their fifties and sixties who are interested in continuing their sex lives.”

So it seems that even within the dating world, with age comes wisdom, and dating should not be considered only a young person’s game – the older generation clearly know how to do it better!