A Struggling Family Finds A Gold Nugget Worth Over $35,000 During Their Walk


It’s uncertain when and how luck can strike. Perhaps that’s why when it does come to people – it is referred to as a miracle.

And it was such a miracle that the Bendigo family came across when the father, his two daughters and their dog Lucky went out for a walk. They went to outskirts of the city, to spend some time surrounded by nature.

It was Mother’s Day – as lucky as any day could be, but unfortunately, mother had to stay back at home. The four walked alongside one another, as all families do.

The daughter tripped on something, and at first she thought it was a rock. But when she looked down, she saw it was glittering. She asked her dad if it was gold or not. When the father saw it, he was shocked. The texture was unique – and his instincts told him it may actually be gold, and if it was, it was a pretty large chunk of it.

When the father went to the experts, they confirmed his suspicions. Yes, it was a 20-ounce gold nugget.

They did not have any proper weighing machine to weigh the substance, so the father took it to the supermarket and weighed it in IGA. People did not like such a valuable thing to be weighed in a deli, but the father was helpless.

It weighed 20 ounces or 624 grams which could fetch a price of of over $35,000.

It was shocking. But as they say, sometimes fortune looks after the needy too. The Bendigo family had recently gone through a rough patch. They were still reeling under financial pressure, and now this gold nugget may just be their ticket out of that rough patch.

If the gold nugget is sold whole, then chances are that the Bendigo family will get a lot more money than expected. They plan to sell it soon enough. Keeping such a valuable metal in the house is itself a headache, and they haven’t been too secretive about it. What if a thief breaks in to get the prize? There is no proper place to store it either. It is a burden that the Bendigo family would like gone.

However, hope is a strong thing. One miracle had made them more hopeful about finding more gold. According to the father, when you find such a big piece of gold in a place, there are chances that more will be lying around. So, they are often searching in the same area – hoping to find a couple more nuggets.

Best of luck to them – sounds like they deserve it!