BREAKING: One Of The Largest Dog Meat Suppliers In South Korea Announces Plans To Close 19 Stores


It has just been announced that one of the largest dog meat markets in South Korea, Gupo Livestock Market, will be closing next month.

This is a big step forward towards the end of dog meat trade in Asia, where huge numbers of stray dogs and stolen pets are brutally slaughtered for their meat.

According to the statement released on the merchant association of Busan’s Buk District and Gupo Livestock Market announced last week that it will close 19 stores in the market that sell dog meat before July 12th. This is just before the annual Boknal festival in which over 1 million dogs are battered and burnt alive before being butchered for their meat to be used in soup for human consumption.

The head of Gupo’s dog meat market Park Yong-soon stated that they “have reached a tentative agreement in terms of the grand trend of the times.”

This will mark the first time in the country that a complete shut down of dog meat markets has taken place.

Buk District Mayor Jeong Myeong-hui said that “In order to escape the stigma of animal abuse, the district office will create a pleasant environment by creating animal-friendly streets in the future.”

The Humane Society International estimate that approximately 2 million dogs are being raised and slaughtered for their meat every year in Korea, which is the only country that allows the mass-scale farming of dogs for human consumption.

HSI have been working hard to end the brutal trade, and they have acknowledged that this latest development not only means an end to Gupo trading dog meat, but also demonstrates the tide is now strongly turning against the dog meat trade in South Korea in general.

The Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Busan KAPCA) echoes that sentiment, saying:

“The closure of Gupo market will be the first, meaningful step toward the full cessation of dog meat in the Republic of Korea,” stated the organization. “This is not the end, however; so please continue to support.”