Oil Rig Workers Save Dog Stranded Off The Thai Coast


Handling oil rigs is a difficult task. It is no news that oil workers are one of the most hardworking people on the planet.

They have to face several risks near the oil rigs, setting up the proper equipment to draw the oil as well as endure the violent environment of the sea. It’s a difficult job and it’s not always that they can keep their eyes open to something outside their world. But sometimes – a greeting from outside is always helpful.

While working hard on the different types of machinery, workers on an oil rig discovered something floating 135 miles offshore from southern Thailand. A living thing. A dog.

How did the dog get here? Well, for the oil rig workers, it was not a time to ask such questions. All they knew was that they needed to save that dog. They were planning different ways in which they could bring the dog up to a safe place. The seas were getting rougher and there was no time to spare. Vitisak Payalaw, one of the offshore planners for Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production was really worried about the entire affair.

The animal was shivering. He must have been in the water for a long time.

Payalaw, along with two members of his team, armed themselves with a rope, and then, using the joint efforts of the two, they were able to pull the dog up to safer grounds.

There was exhaustion in the eyes of the dog. A desperation and despondency. He knew he was going to die. The rough seas had weakened him already, but the Humans intervened just at the right time.

The workers knew that they had to bring back the lost hope in the dog’s eyes.The dog was provided with meat and water. They even built a small kennel for him on the rig.

The group called the dog, Boonrod. It means that he has a done a lot of good karma and that is what helped him to survive today. We believe in that too.

Nobody knows how the dog ended up in the middle of the sea though. Payalaw wants it to stay a secret – it adds a mysterious flavour to it. However, The Bangkok Post suggests that he might have fallen off a fishing trawler.

As of now, Boonrod is gaining strength. A bit of napping has brought back the shine in his eyes. He is quite alert now. He was transferred to the land, entering the Songkhla province in Thailand. Once on land, he was taken to the veterinarian. Everything was handled by a group called Watchdog Thailand. The vets examined him and declared that he was in good condition.

The organization posted photos of Boonrod in an extremely happy mood – meeting and greeting with other people. He had found life again. In some of the photos, he even has a floral wreath tied around his neck.

The dog is also seen getting a bath and playing with all his admirers. Payalaw wishes to adopt Boonrod once he completes his work on the oil rigs.