These Two Siblings Got Away From A Kidnapper By Jumping Off A Moving Car


The relationship between siblings is just special. They are always there for you whenever you need them.

If you need a hero, they will become that for you. And during your games, they will even become your loving villain. Whatever be the case, your sibling will always be beside you through thick or thin.

And that’s what this little 8-year-old brother in Middleton, Ohio did with his sister. He stands as proof that there cannot be any danger that can prevent a brother from saving his sister or vice versa. The story is both scary as well as inspiring. At least, in the end, it took a happy turn.

When grandmother parked the car outside the emergency room entrance of the Atrium Medical Center, little did she know what would follow. Perhaps because of the emergency, she left the car fast and tried to help a friend board the vehicle. Her grandchildren – 10-year-old Skylar and 8-year-old Chance stayed put in the back seat of the car.

While grandma was trying to pick up her friend, suddenly, a stranger came out of nowhere and hopped in the car. It seemed like he was waiting for someone to make a sort of ‘emergency’ mistake. That’s why he was lurking around. Once inside the car, the stranger revved up the engine and tried to get away. The children were still sitting at the back.

The 69-year-old grandmother, Nita Coburn, tried to save the kids. She gave a small chase, grabbed the door and tried to pull the kids outside. But the car was speeding up and so, she had to let go.

But Chance was not going to give up that easy. He opened the door and prodded his sister to escape. But as she was about the jump, the kidnapper caught hold of her hoodie and would not let her go. It was a really scary moment and the car was gaining speed. Chance grabbed his sister, pulled her out of the kidnapper’s hand and then, both of them tumbled outside the open door. The car sped off. Fortunately, neither the grandmother nor the children were injured.

Video from today's press release

Chief Muterspaw stated, "This little guy is a hero. No question. He pulled his sister out of the car with no concern for his own safety. That is incredible at his age and outstanding work by Officers Kirby and Engleka to find the suspect and take him down without incident. So proud of their work"

Posted by Middletown Division of Police on Friday, 26 April 2019

Eventually, the police caught the assailant.

The Middleton Police were full of praise regarding the boy – he is a hero at a young age. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his sister.

Even Officers Engleka and Kirby were praised for their fast response that helped them take down the suspect without any problem. But the children stole the day – Middleton Police agrees to that too.