My Bed Is My Kingdom, And It Should Be Just As Large


When it comes to bed size, big is always beautiful for me. I live life king size.

And before we get into the pros and cons of large beds, let me gently remind you that my husband has been at the receiving end of my alternative career as a boxer and a karate fighter.

He knows what he will get if he comes near me while I’m taking my share of the bed space. When you add an extra kid or two, a giant bed is an option worth considering. Bedmakers have now came up with the solution seeing that there was a demand for a giant bed, with room enough for an entire family and a couple of pets thrown in.

Co-Sleep At Will

A normal king size bed might be sufficient for a couple. But add in an extra child and it does not seem so big anymore. A child takes more space than an adult given their tendency to toss and turn in their sleep. They often end up facing the opposite direction to the one they went to sleep in.

Sleeping With The Baby

Sleeping with infants is beneficial for the child but it has its share of hazards if the bed is not big enough. People who think size does not matter have not slept with a child. A child occupies more space than an adult. And sleeping with two of them can make even a king size mattress feel small.

If the bed is not big enough, the child is in danger of being suffocated by a carelessly tossed blanket or might get hurt if a parent is in the habit of moving around or rolling over in sleep.

As the child gets older, it is better to let them sleep alone for psychological reasons. Sometimes, calling them over if they had a bad nightmare is fine, but long-term should be an absolute no-no.

Party Prop

Giant beds are the ideal and fun way to celebrate with your friends and relatives. It makes for amazing movie nights and also birthday sleep-overs for the children. It is also the ideal way to bond over a movie with friends or relatives.

Indulge Your Pets

This could also be an ideal way to indulge your pets. If you are willing to let your furry friends sleep in your bed, this is the ideal and convenient way to go about it.

Everything Has To Be Giant-Size

A word of caution though. A gigantic upgrade is required to accommodate a bed of this size, starting with a big room, custom sheets, and a dozen pillows. So if space and money is no constraint, what are you waiting for? If you have suffered having to hang on for dear life while your children hogged the space, now is your chance to sleep easy.

After all, you should not put a price on good sleep.